Marco Rasic | About

President and CEO of the National Auto Loan Network, Marco Rasic possesses more than 25 years of experience working in the auto industry. His first job at a car dealership came in South Gate, California in 1986, when he was hired as a lot attendant. The following summer, Marco Rasic got a job as a lot attendant again in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and following his 18th birthday, he was able to find work as a car salesman.

Marco Rasic sold cars for the following three years while attending Marquette University. He then moved to California and took a job doing the same at his brother’s dealership. He averaged monthly sales of 25 vehicles and earned a promotion to Sales Manager in less than six months. After two years, Mr. Rasic left his brother’s business to make his own way in the auto industry. Three years later, he had worked his way up to the position of General Sales Manager at Toyota of Costa Mesa, where he managed 35 sales professionals.

After leaving Toyota of Costa Mesa, Marco Rasic co-founded an automobile advertising company. Within a year, the company had reached $1.5 million in sales, and in order to keep it expanding, Mr. Rasic and his business partner set the company up to provide auto loans in the State of California. In 2005, they took it nationwide.

Today, Marco Rasic handles daily operations at National Auto Loan Network. The company, which helps consumers save money by refinancing their vehicles or providing them low rates when they purchase new vehicles, holds accreditation from the Better Business Bureau and has been featured by several major news outlets. Marco Rasic maintains a hands-on role in the business and personally approves loan applications every day.


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